• Drilling Fluid Additives:
    Carboxymethyl Cellulose
    Having been specialized in development and production of CMC LV, CMC HV, PAC LV and PAC R, we would be pleased to take part in the challenging conditions of the oilfield by providing our specialties for the drilling fluids.
  • Drilling Fluid Additives:
    Polyanionic Cellulose
    Drilling fluids are mainly water based or solvent based, today due to environmental and operational concerns most drilling wells are operated with water based drilling fluids. Since CMC and PAC are water soluble polymers, they are used in water based drilling fluids as mud performance increasing additives.
  • Other chemicals for Drilling fluids
    Viscosifiers, shale stabilizers, rheology control, lost circulation material, defoamers, lubricants, pipe freeing agents, well protection, commercial chemicals and other chemicals.
About us
UGUR SELULOZ KIMYA A.S. - manufacturer and exporter of various chemical additives for drilling fluids. The main production line is focused on manufacturing of different polymeric viscosifiers, CMC & PAC, Xanthan gums, Starches etc. All the products is produced and exported under the registered trademark USK®.
UGUR SELULOZ KIMYA A.S. also develops and manufactures a variety of additives for drilling mud such as clay inhibitors, deflocculants, LCM materials, defoamers, etc.
ALERIS LLP is the official representative of the UGUR SELULOZ KIMYA A.S. in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The representative company is located in Aktobe, Kazakhstan and it always keeps a wide range of USK products available in Aktobe store ready for our clients. Our company may also helpo with efficient delivery of products to any destination in Kazakhstan. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.