UGUR SELULOZ KIMYA A.S. - manufacturer and exporter of various chemical additives for drilling fluids. The main production line is focused on manufacturing of different polymeric viscosifiers, CMC & PAC, Xanthan gums, Starches etc. All the products is produced and exported under the registered trademark USK.
UGUR SELULOZ KIMYA A.S. also develops and manufactures a variety of additives for drilling mud such as clay inhibitors, deflocculants, LCM materials, defoamers, etc.
ALERIS LLP is the official representative of the UGUR SELULOZ KIMYA A.S. in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The representative company is located in Aktobe, Kazakhstan and it always keeps a wide range of USK products available in Aktobe store ready for our clients. Our company may also helpo with efficient delivery of products to any destination in Kazakhstan.
For any questions, please feel free to contact us.
UGUR SELULOZ KIMIYA A.S.has several laboratories for different aspects of our activity. Central production laboratory, mobile lab and the primary laboratory for drilling fluids all together make up a set of laboratories providing a high quality of the produced chemicals and offered mud services. Our laboratory equipment meet the API standards and have all the set of consumable materials.
Central Production Laboratory
Function of this Laboratory:
Doing research of the CMC properties, stability and the improvement of the product quality.
Development and optimization of the production of the new types of the CMC.
Observation and compliance of the quality of the CMC at each level of the production and Quality control of the every produced batch of the CMC.
Mobile laboratory for drilling fluid chemicals
This laboratory is designedto provide a high quality service of the engineering and technical maintenance of the Drilling fluids at the rigsite. Mobile laboratory boxes have all the facilities to give a comfortable work condition for the engineers during the work process at the rigsite.
Local laboratory for drilling fluids
This laboratory is located in Aktobe city, Kazakhstan and runs a testing and control of the chemicals produced by other manufacturers. This lab operates as a checkpoint for the chemicalswhich, are planned to be dispatched to the well-site before they are shipped, in order to avoid the supply of the defective and spoiled products.
ALERIS LLP has indoor and outdoor storage facilities in Kazakhstan, where customers can always find a wide range of USK chemicals for drilling of mud.
To make things easy for our clients we have agreements with transport-logistic companies, which do cost and time effective delivery of the required products to the wellsite of the Clients.